Simplistic and Classic Design

Over 500 years ago a German engineer and craftsman built the very first watch. The German engineer; Peter Hele created beautiful and intrinsically detailed watches that were often worn as pendants or kept safely in the top pocket of a gentlemen suit.Many German watchmakers in this time were making miniature pieces at the request of the wealthy and especially royalty. However, it is still believed Peter Hele was the first creator of this modern day piece of jewellery.

The word watch originates from the old English word of ‘watchman’ on account of the fact it was used to keep a track of their night shifts. Watchman were responsible for keeping an eye on the safety of the towns and cities they lived.The detailed work of the German engineer soon started to travel throughout Europe, even-tually hitting the close shores of Switzerland. It was here that watch making as we know it today really started to take off and the brands we recognise were launched into the main-stream for us all to marvel over and possibly own.

When we think of luxury swiss brands, we immediately think of IWC, Tissot, TAG Heur and Swatch. All of which bring up the vision of quality and luxury and many of these brands are now accessible for most people to be able to afford. Many will offer different levels of pricing options.There are a few unusual and not as well known Swiss brands available too. Only the elite or rich and famous may have heard of them and their beautiful watches are worn by many people looking to own a valuable brand of watch. A watch can be a statement of taste and wealth.

Brands such as Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Officine Panerai and IWC Schaffhausen are all watches of exceptional design and quality. Only high end retailers or specialists will stock the watches and many clients will need to book an appointment to view them and try them on.All of the brands are of Swiss origin, with Patek Philippe being responsible for launching the first ever wrist watch in the late 1800’s. They also sold the most expensive watch from their collection; it reached an impressive $12 million in 1999.

IWC Shaffhausen has an interesting history. The company was founded by an American engineer and watchmaker. Florentine Ariosto Jones originally from Boston, had a dream to travel to Switzerland and make his watches, his vision was soon realised and the company as many recognise it today, IWC was born.